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Established in August 1985, Thanehall specialises in the bespoke design, development and integration of hardware, software and provision of documentation for all types of test requirements. We provide solutions for various industries including major aerospace, telecommunications and defence companies throughout Europe.


Comprehensive product life cycle coverage is important to us; we are experienced in all aspects ranging from requirement analysis through to product support.


Operating from our secure site in Norwich, we are able to provide both on and off-site support to customers as required.


We take great pride in the quality of all our work, consistently meeting the expectations of our customers, and are ISO 9001:2015 accredited. More…


You can feel secure about your product and Intellectual Property as we have dealt with sensitive items, including cryptographic material, ever since we were established.

Bespoke Automatic Test Equipment

The synergy of expertise among Thanehall personnel in the electronics, software and mechanical engineering disciplines, coupled with experience, modern ideas and a pragmatic approach, ensures that customers are provided with solutions designed, implemented and tested to the highest standards, all at an affordable price.


Over the years, Thanehall’s highly experienced engineers have created bespoke test and measurement software applications, scripts, and device drivers for a wide range of use cases, utilising a variety of programming languages and hardware specifications.


Engineering Solutions

Despite being a specialist engineering company we are always willing to take on engineering tasks that are associated with but not directly connected to our main areas of  business. More….

Technical Documentation

We will work with you to fully understand your product and to provide you with high-quality documentation formatted to the specification of your choice. More…

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