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View our e-brochure

View our e-brochure

Thanehall specialises in the design, development, and integration of bespoke Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).

Founded in 1985, Thanehall leverages considerable in-house knowledge and experience in the inter-related disciplines of electronics, software, and test engineering, as well as technical documentation, to offer customers complete lifecycle support.

Depending on customer requirements our services can include:

G, NI LabView BulletRequirements Development & Analysis

G, NI LabView BulletHardware Design & Assembly (including PCB Design)

G, NI LabView BulletProcurement

G, NI LabView BulletSoftware Development

(C, LabWindows/CVI, LabVIEW, ATLAS)

G, NI LabView BulletTest System Integration

G, NI LabView BulletTest Strategy & Planning

G, NI LabView BulletSupport through System Qualification
            (Acceptance, Environmental,& EMC Testing)

G, NI LabView BulletUser Training

G, NI LabView BulletTechnical Documentation

G, NI LabView BulletObsolescence Management

G, NI LabView BulletSystem Maintenance & Calibration

We operate from our offices in Norwich but can provide support to our customers on-site at their own premises as required.

If these services are of interest to you, please get in touch with us, and we'll be delighted to discuss how we can help.

Thanehall Automatic Test Equipment Test Benches