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View our e-brochure

GPS Synchronisation

One of our test equipment projects included a GPS clock, and this led to us designing a test bench which provided a setup for GPS Clocks by decoding the GPS signal and providing synchronisation via an Extended Have Quick / STANAG 4430 interface.

Control Systems

We recently provided a solution to supply air cooling that simulated equipment forced cooling within an aircraft. The equipment supplied and monitored volumetric airflow of 0.011kg/s at 54ºC and 44ºC into differing loads.

Volumetric Airflow and Monitoring Panel Volumetric Airflow and Monitoring Panel

PCB Design and Development

We are able to design, assemble, test and report on the performance of prototype multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), and work closely with our clients engineers to achieve the optimal design for production.

Circuit capture using OrCAD Bespoke PCB Design

Wiring Loom and Cable Manufacture

We have experience in producing many different types of wiring looms and cables for power, analogue, digital and RF requirements, using a variety of connector types.