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View our e-brochure

LabWindows/CVI™, LabVIEW™ and TestStand™ are trademarks of  National Instruments Corporation.

PAWS™ is a trademark of  TYX Corporation.

The range of bespoke test systems we have developed to meet customer specific requirements includes:-

G, NI LabView Bullet19” racks with internal and external test fixtures

G, NI LabView BulletBench-top test equipment

G, NI LabView BulletBed-of-nails test equipment

G, NI LabView BulletPortable test equipment

We are continuously developing our universal products for AC distribution, signal switching and signal conditioning which we incorporate as appropriate in new systems or retail as standalone items.

We manufacture, assemble, and test a wide range of equipment, both from our own designs or from designs that have been provided to us by the customer as part of a build-to-print contract. All of our systems, subsystems and cables are assembled by hand, using wire wrap and crimping technologies as required.

Our experienced integration team provides on or off-site integration of hardware and software as required.

Many years of experience in test equipment has provided us with a detailed knowledge of systems including:-

G, NI LabView BulletRadar (IFF, Surveillance and Tracking)

G, NI LabView BulletEngine Management Avionics including Flight Control

G, NI LabView BulletData Management including Cryptographic capabilities

G, NI LabView BulletCommunications (GSM, GPRS and TETRA)

G, NI LabView BulletGPS Synchronisation

For the past three decades, we have created test and measurement applications, scripts, test cases and device drivers for systems operating with Windows, UNIX and Linux.

Thanehall has developed many bespoke applications encompassing different types of requirements such as:-

G, NI LabView BulletElectronic Stress Screening

G, NI LabView BulletFactory Test

G, NI LabView BulletFunctional Qualification

G, NI LabView BulletAcceptance Test

G, NI LabView BulletStandard Serviceability Test and Diagnostics

G, NI LabView BulletLaboratory Test

The technical background and experience of our engineers combined with a flexible approach means that we can support most programming languages and environments including:-:-

G, NI LabView BulletC, C++

G, NI LabView BulletC/ATLAS

G, NI LabView BulletPAWS

G, NI LabView BulletLabWindows/CVI

G, NI LabView BulletLabVIEW

G, NI LabView BulletPython

G, NI LabView BulletTestStand

G, NI LabView BulletScripting

We are experienced in writing device drivers in various formats especially IVI and VISA for digital and analogue instrumentation including RF and microwave devices running on different interfaces:-

G, NI LabView BulletGPIB

G, NI LabView BulletLXI / VXI / PXI / PCI

G, NI LabView BulletSerial, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429 / 629

G, NI LabView BulletUSB

G, NI LabView BulletEthernet

Test Hardware

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